We were asked by Fear the Masses if we would review their new album “Rise”.  This is the second Album Fear the Masses has made.  Fear the Masses is a Connecticut band from New Haven and they consist of Joshua Moore vocalist, Doug Lenington guitarist, Chris Millet bassist and on drums Michael Castro. They are a political charged band with a Metal, Hip Hop style.   If you’re expecting more of a hip-hop feel you will be disappointed, this album has more of a metal feel to it then expected.  We were excited to see the email files and to listen to them the morning they were delivered to us. 
As we clicked on file one and it started so did the head banging.  The remake of “Make me your Leader” was just outstanding.  Chris’s bass playing smacks you right between the eyes.  They added so much more depth to the song by Joshua vocals and the back up vocals, what an amazing sound.  We couldn’t believe it was “Make me your Leader”.  This remake is a lot more metal then the last version.
The drum intro by Michael is outstanding in the song “Behind your Wall” this song has a pure hip-hop beat.  The catchy guitar playing and bass playing co insides great with each other.   Joshua rhythmic vocals shatter the wall behind you and just blows your walls away.
The third track of the album “Censor this” is one of my favorite tracks.  With a stellar beat the bassist Chris just kills it and the vocals track is perfect for this song.  Anything to do with censorship is a sore subject for a lot of people and we are glad that a band had the guts to write about Censorship. This song blows you off your feet. 
The title track “Rise” is a great choice. We believe it is the heaviest song on the album it really kicks you in the face, what a powerful title track.  It reminds me of Seven Dust’s first couple of albums.  The guitar track by Doug is undeniable one of the best tempos we have heard in a long time.
“Protector” well what can we say this is one of those songs at first you say what the hell were they thinking. Then the further you get into the song you say wow this is a kick ass song.  The song starts out Metal but turns into Jamaican fast.  The combination of Michael on drums, Doug on the Guitar, Chris on Bass with Joshua doing the vocals gives it such a different sound, but we think this is a perfect Fear the Masses song.  It is a very unique song.
The track “Revolutionist” is an outstanding song it is very powerful.  This is their Limp Bizkit song.  The beat and vocals reminds us of Limp Bizkit, which is not a bad thing.  We love Joshua’s vocals in this song his vocals along with Doug’s guitar playing are like a bottle rocket ready to go off and you’re going to want to put your fists in the air. This song fits on this album perfectly.
“Vigelante” we love the bass work by Chris on this song.  Talk about catchy beat it stayed in our heads for quite sometime after listening to this song.  It has a crazy beat with the combination of Doug on guitar with Michael on drums and then you add Joshua vocals and he has such a powerful voice. Everything combine together makes this a unique song but powerful.

So in Closing we would recommend this album to anyone.  It’s very well put together from start to finish.  Joshua’s vocal rhymes by far out does anything you could imagine from him.  Doug’s guitar work is fabulous, awesome solos and great rhythm.  Chris’s bass work is out of this world, catchy rhythms last but not least Michael on drums, his work behind the kit really makes this album powerful, unique and political.  It compliments everything very well.  Overall this album will not disappoint anyone.  We think once you listen to it whether you like metal or hip-hop or even something totally different you will want this album.  Fear the Masses knows how to get the hip- hop fans to head bang.  From a scale to 1-10 we give this album a solid 8 easily. The Album comes out Sept 7th/ Fear The Masses has a Album release party on the same night. It's at Spaceland in Hamden.

We at Watchdog Entertainment appreciate the opportunity you gave us to review “Rise”

Thank You,
Rich and Christina Arnold
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